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Join a Protest against Scientology! It’s a Free Society.

Posted by NT Wrong on April 24, 2008

A group called “Anonymous” has been organising an ongoing series of protests against The Church of Scientology. About once a month worldwide protests are advertised, via the internet.

The group claims no leaders. Members endorse peaceful protest only.

Why should you join a peaceful protest against Scientologists? Because Scientology robs the weak and downtrodden. Scientology kills people. And Scientology is very powerful.

As for that last claim, consider what happened at the Anonymous protest on March 16, 2008. The US state government arrested two protesters for speaking against the Church of Scientology in Atlanta, on March 16, 2008. The US state government also fined passing motorists who honked in support of the protestors.

And here’s a coincidence:

“Georgia state Senator Nancy Schaefer appeared at a ribbon cutting event in Atlanta for an exhibition sponsored by the Citizens Commission on Human Rights (CCHR) … CCHR happens to be a group sponsored by the Church of Scientology that labels psychiatry “an industry of death.” According to the Savannah Morning News article that I linked, Schaefer’s also listed by CCHR as being a member of their board of advisors, which Schaefer denies … In the past Schaefer has advocated doing away with mental health screening in public schools.”
Liberal Lucidity

Protesters arrested at anti-Scientology event in Atlanta Sunday, March 16, 2008

While protesting outside the Scientology Church in Atlanta, Georgia, United States, two members of the group Anonymous were arrested by DeKalb County riot police while standing opposite the Church of Scientology-owned building. The two protesters, who earlier participated in the delivery of a ‘global speech’ collaboratively written and read by members of Anonymous at protests worldwide, are believed to have been charged by Dekalb police for protesting without a permit and causing ‘offensive or hazardous conditions’. However, other members of Anonymous who took leading roles in arranging the protest are adamant that the Dekalb police had previously told them they did not need a permit to protest…

Members of Anonymous have composed an open letter to Dekalb’s Chief of Police, asking if such a show of police strength was really needed at a non-violent protest organised and attended mainly by college students and young Americans…

Drivers showing their support for the protesters by honking their car horns while driving past were followed by police bikes waiting in the Scientology building’s driveway and given tickets for violating noise ordinance laws. However, many members of Anonymous have voiced confusion over these tickets, as the honks of support were only 2-3 seconds in duration at most, and noise ordinance laws state a horn must be sounded for longer than 60 seconds to count as a violation of the law. When, after the arrests were made, the police started to adopt the policy of ticketing drivers who honked, members of Anonymous quickly raised “Do not honk” signs to drivers.

Both of the members of Anonymous have been released, one with a bail of $763.00. There are confirmed to be two charges standing against one. No information has been released from the police department at this point. … They did no wrong, and that building they were led into was reportedly the Scientology Org Building…

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