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When People Say They Believe the Bible is the Inspired Word of God …

Posted by NT Wrong on April 24, 2008

Bart Ehrman teaches here in North Carolina, and he describes Chapel Hill as “the buckle of the Bible Belt”. This creates interesting dynamics for Ehrman in his Introduction to New Testament class, which boasts some 360 students.

Bart Ehrman tells an amusing story of how he began one class:

“I began my class by asking students the following question, I said, ‘How many of you in here would agree with the proposition that the Bible is the inspired word of God?’ Vooom! The entire room raises its hand. ‘Alright, good, great. Now, ah, how many of you have read the Da Vinci Code,’ I asked. Vooom! The entire room raises its hand. ‘Oh, ok, good. Now, how many of you have read the entire Bible?’ Scattered hands! I said, ‘Alright, now, I’m not telling you that I think God wrote the Bible – you’re telling me that you think God wrote the Bible. I can see why you might want to read a book by Dan Brown. But if God wrote a book … wouldn’t you want to see what he had to say?’”
Heyns Lecture Series 2007: Misquoting Jesus (04:15–)

The whole lecture is available here:


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