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Words to Live By

Posted by NT Wrong on April 29, 2008

“Those who are afraid to make mistakes will usually contribute little to the sum of human knowledge. They will play safe, never stepping out of line from the current view, never challenging the paradigm. Many volumes are published each year in which all that has been achieved is a slight rearrangement of the pieces on the board. Consensus is the order of the day. Real contributions are commonly made by those who are prepared to take the risk, and not only to challenge the consensus and rattle the bars of the paradigm-cage, but also to speculate and ask new questions about an old problem, and even identify new ones.”

– Nicolas Wyatt, “’Water, Water Everywhere…’: Musings on the Aqueous Myths of the Near East.” Pages 189-233 in The Mythic Mind: Essays on cosmology and religion in Ugaritic and Old Testament Literature. London and Oakville: Equinox, 2005: 189.


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