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Write about Evil Fundamentalists and Win $5,000.

Posted by NT Wrong on April 30, 2008

Want to win $5,000? Do you attend a college or high school in the U.S.? Then, you could try this essay competition (entries due November 30, 2008):

In his new book, Bondage of the Mind: How Old Testament Fundamentalism Shackles the Mind and Enslaves the Spirit, R.D. Gold takes the following position:

The doctrines of Orthodox Judaism – and, by extension, the doctrines of all religious fundamentalism – are false. Therefore, it makes no sense for an individual to exchange much of his or her personal freedom for the straightjacket of enforced obedience to a strict religious law based on demonstrably false dogma.

Explain, in 1,500 to 2,000 words, why you agree or disagree with this thesis.

RD Gold’s book is a popularist rant against biblical literalism, from a liberal Jewish perspective. It covers issues such as biblical archaeology, biblical errors and biblical ‘codes’. The publisher of the book appears to have published one book … Gold’s.


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