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World’s Foremost Biblical Scholar thinks God is an Atheist

Posted by NT Wrong on May 9, 2008

“I think God is an atheist. His record shows a huge lack of self-belief.”
Philip Davies, Welsh biblical scholar, 8 May 2008

7 Responses to “World’s Foremost Biblical Scholar thinks God is an Atheist”


    It’s essential you create a following. If no one knows you exist it’s a bit rubbish being God, kinda like been incharge of the UN and realising no one gives a fuck about it. The best way to do this would be to get a TV channel, call it ‘God’ or ‘Yiiass me!’ Have some celebrity special to launch it with a starfish winking Madonna performance. Now audiences aren’t stupid? You have to create an extravaganza of biblical proportions: Raise a sunken cock, make it rain menstuation fluid, blow uranus, turn everything adjacent, bring every man back that ever tossed off Julius Ceaser, something that keeps the ratings up that won’t just end up as a footnote to I LOVE 2008.

    Once you got them, you can sit back while they build oddly shaped buildings in your honour and have strange conversations in there about what they think you would say without you actually been part of the exchange. Like they think you’re omni-retarded.

    …more at lifestyleguides.blogspot.com

  2. Jim said

    I’m glad you recognized this as humorous. Some lack the humor gene…

  3. You need to get permission to post conversations held on the list.

  4. steph said

    Maybe His Eminence did. Maybe His Eminence is the World’s Foremost Biblical Scholar. Who knows? He does.

  5. ntwrong said

    Jim – I agree. The world’s a serious enough place as it is. And I thought this quip from the good Professor Davies might even allow the odd German to detect some humor.

  6. ntwrong said

    Phil – you think that was a ‘conversation’? It was only half a sentence. I was passing on a witty quip. You’re not German are you?

  7. Well, I’ve been living here for quite a while. I guess it rubs off.

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