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Barbara Rossing debunks ‘The Rapture’

Posted by NT Wrong on May 11, 2008

Do you have bright yellow highlighted passages in your Schofield Chain Reference Bible? Does the highlighting start to get excessive when you get to the book of Revelation?

Barbara Rossing explains why the idea of ‘the Rapture’ is not biblical, in this interview excerpt:

Barbara Rossing explains how the idea of the supposed “Rapture” is pieced together from Bible verses taken from different contexts, to make an artificial whole. She calls it “pick-and-choose literalism”.

As well as being unbiblical, Rossing considers the idea of ‘the Rapture’ is very dangerous:

“The reason I am speaking out against the Rapture is because how it’s spilled over into our American public life. People are taking this supposed version of the biblical time-line, the biblical script, and thinking that it mandates a certain set of events to happen in Israel, in the Middle East, in order for Jesus to be able to return. The danger is that people will seek to precipitate these kinds of events in their wars and battles. Their idea of what is necessary for Jesus to be able to return is bloody battles of Armageddon, taken literally out of the book of Revelation, with blood up to the height of the horses’ bridles, all over the Middle East. It’s a terribly violent and un-Christian scenario of what God wants for our future.”
– Barbara Rossing

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