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Vatican Website now available in Latin. Quid agis?

Posted by NT Wrong on May 11, 2008

The Vatican has introduced a Latin version of its website.

But the news gets even better. Vatican Radio also has a radio program dedicated to the language, called The Latin Lover. It is hosted by Fr. Reginald Foster, the Pope’s own Latinist. The broadcasts are available online. In this episode (7 May 2008), Fr. Reginald Foster discusses how one would speak of “Terrorism” in the Language of God.

Pope Benedict XIV hopes to reintroduce other old Catholic favourites in the future. In a press statement this afternoon, made in Latin, Pope Benedict expects that indulgences should be back by 2010, and the Inquisition will be available as soon as the Dominicans have been properly retrained.


2 Responses to “Vatican Website now available in Latin. Quid agis?”

  1. Jim said

    I can’t wait for the return of the Inquisition. I think I would be an excellent Grand Inquisitor and think – further – that in the spirit of ecumenical unity, I be appointed to that office by the Pope.

  2. Well, no one would espect Jim in the Spanish Inquisition

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