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Biblical Scholars Who Break into the Lucrative Children’s Book Market. Part 2: N. T. Wright

Posted by NT Wrong on May 13, 2008

In Part 4 of Tom Wright’s special children series, ‘Bishop Potter’, the good Bishop has his hands full with an invasion of Hogwarts Theological Seminary by 2000-year-old zombies. Bishop Potter eventually discovers that the zombies are the resurrected saints referred to in the Gospel of Matthew (27.52-53). Bishop Potter is given an ancient Jewish prophecy from Qumran by a passing magic mushroom vendor. The prophecy clearly states that the Parousia will be delayed until these zombies are put back to sleep. It’s up to Bishop Potter to usher in the eschaton. But instead, he seems intent on writing a 1000-page book on the historicity of the Jerusalem undead. Things get worse and worse in the outside world, but Bishop Potter seems oblivious to the cosmic conflagration unfolding around him …

Recommended for 10- to 16-year-olds.

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4. John Van Seters, Niels Peter Lemche, Keith Whitelam, Philip Davies and Thomas Thompson
5. Gerhard Kittel

2 Responses to “Biblical Scholars Who Break into the Lucrative Children’s Book Market. Part 2: N. T. Wright”

  1. steph said

    It’s taken him a long time to invent a solution to the question he has ignored. And it’s fiction again. Boring boring bishop – 10-16 year old should stay well away from his verbal diarroeah:-)

  2. SteveJ said

    Thanks for the belly laugh. I read this last night and I’m still laughing about it this morning.

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