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Was Yahweh a Computer?

Posted by NT Wrong on May 15, 2008

A startling new theory suggests that Yahweh may have been a computer designed by an ancient civilization:

“If you look at the way the people of a few thousand years ago interacted with their God, the similarity to interacting with a computer is inescapable.

Consider the behavior of a computer when you try to interact with it and it’s feeling uncooperative. The obstinacy, the perverse malevolence, the capriciousness, the dictatorial edicts telling you to do this certain thing, when this certain thing doesn’t exist, its snide little windows telling you how stupid you are and how badly you’ve screwed up. The computer is unapproachable except on its own terms. You have to do precisely what it says, and then it perversely tells you that was the wrong thing to do. You must pay obeisance to it and its procedures to gain access to communication with it, and even then, it smugly refuses to answer, or answers another, unrelated question altogether.”

– Ed Martin, ‘Was the God of the Ancients a Computer?’

2 Responses to “Was Yahweh a Computer?”

  1. Sue said

    Real God or The Indivisible Conscious Light is definitely not a computer.

    1. http://www.realgod.org
    2. http://www.dabase.org/broken.htm
    3. http://www.dabase.org/dualsens.htm
    4. http://www.dabase.org/tfrbklih.htm

    But then again the entire play of “creation” does operate according to immutable laws of patterning and/or karma.

    Every action (both individual & collective) ALWAYS creates an equal and opposite reaction/response. The “world” is a vast unexplainable pattern of patterns patterning.

    And each individual body-mind has its own latent genetic patterning which unfolds regardless of what we think about “it”.

    We can (and do) of course do many things to either cooperate with our exquisite genetic pattern or conversely do things which disturb this pattern patterning.

    Unfortunately most of our so called “culture” and its dim-witted “religions” communicates and reinforces ideas and actions which work against this genetic/energetic patterning.

    And of course many people are born with crippling genetic patterns.

  2. Josly said

    A sophisticated community had been gone before us.

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