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Militant Modern-day Manichaeans claim, ‘Carrot Juice Constitutes Murder!’

Posted by NT Wrong on May 17, 2008

Which reminds me of the vitriolic words of Augustine in his various rants against the Manichaeans:

“The cucumbers suffer while you are cooking them,
without any benefit to the life that is in them: for a
boiling pot cannot be compared to a saintly stomach.”

“One of your silly notions is that the tree weeps when
the fruit is pulled. Doubtless the life in the tree
knows all things, and perceives who it is that comes
to it. If the elect were to come and pull the fruit,
would not the tree rejoice to escape the misery of
having its fruit plucked by others, and to gain
felicity by enduring a little momentary pain? And yet,
while you multiply the pains and troubles of the fruit
after it is plucked, you will not pluck it. Explain
that, if you can!”

“Your objection to eating flesh will be that you
cannot eat animals alive, and so the operation of your
stomach will not avail for the liberation of their
souls. Happy vegetables, that, torn up with the hand,
cut with knives, tortured in fire, ground by teeth,
yet reach alive the altars of your intestines! Unhappy
sheep and oxen, that are not so tenacious of life, and
therefore are refused entrance into your bodies! Such
is the absurdity of your notions.”


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