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Biblical Scholars Who Break into the Lucrative Children’s Book Market. Part 4: The Infamous Five

Posted by NT Wrong on May 25, 2008

Join the adventures of John, Niels Peter, Keith, Philip and Tommy the dog — a new series from the Copenhagen-Sheffield Children’s Department!

In Five Go Mad at Tel Dan, The Infamous Five are back together again, trying to stop the evil Maximalists and their positively queer exegesis — all the while eating their way through lashings of fresh home-cured bacon, freshly laid eggs and ginger beer. Simply smashing!

See the complete series:

1. Daniel B. Wallace
2. N.T. Wright
3. William Dever
4. John Van Seters, Niels Peter Lemche, Keith Whitelam, Philip Davies and Thomas Thompson
5. Gerhard Kittel

9 Responses to “Biblical Scholars Who Break into the Lucrative Children’s Book Market. Part 4: The Infamous Five”

  1. steph said

    and they mow down Tintin on their merry way.

    I’ve wondered who you were before you became the Bish. I thought Jim, then I thought Philip but I really haven’t a clue and you spell tell with 2 ls…

  2. steph said

    Now, you could be Hugh because he’s funny.

  3. Keith said


  4. ntwrong said

    Thanks, Keith, I’m glad you enjoyed the fun.

  5. ntwrong said

    Thanks Steph, I have made my spelling more appropriate for the Copenhagen-Sheffield Children’s Department.

  6. steph said

    Actually Hugh wouldn’t have done the tell – he’s too tidy … so you must have been. Philip is an emeritus so he might have the time. Unless you really are Jim but you don’t always sound very Jimish.

  7. Jim said

    He’s not me. I assure you. And he’s not Philip or James or anyone else you might think he is.

  8. ntwrong said

    Jim’s right. I’m not Jim.

  9. Kebob said

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Kebob!!

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