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Real Men Piss Standing Up, Just as the Bible Says

Posted by NT Wrong on May 29, 2008

Pastor Steven L. Anderson explains that “any that pisseth against the wall” is a biblical injunction for men to be men. Pastor Anderson is pastor of Faithful Word Baptist Church in Tempe, Arizona. This is not a piss-take.

“That’s where we’re heading in this country, my friend. We’ve got a bunch of passers who pee sitting down … We’ve got the President of the United States probably pees sitting down. We’ve got a bunch of preachers, we’ve got a bunch of leaders, who don’t stand up and piss against the wall like a man.”
– Pastor Steven L. Anderson

5 Responses to “Real Men Piss Standing Up, Just as the Bible Says”

  1. JP Manzi said

    I am not sure what is more sad. Him speaking this junk or people buying into it.

  2. Doug said

    Its humiliating that this doofus gets paid for what he does.

  3. Ray said


  4. Theo Verseer said

    Oh my, I just can’t stop laughing. This is good, really good. I’m curious tho, what about number 2, is that OK sitting down?

  5. ntwrong said

    That would make numbers 2s challenging.

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