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The Five Blogs I’ve Never Read and Never Will Meme

Posted by NT Wrong on June 2, 2008

I have been tagged by Jim West, who has “decided to list some random blogs [he has] never read and never will read.”

As the meme is utterly absurd (but way cooler than the meme it was based on) I feel compelled to continue it.

Here they are: the five blogs I’ll never read-

1. The Soapbox – Comfort Food (Ray Comfort’s blog)
From the Josh McDowell School of Apologetic Banalities.
Representative quote:

“The existence of Hell is a legitimate reason to come to the Savior, and it is perhaps why so many profess faith in Christ.”

2. The Plain Truth Magazine blog (David Ben-Ariel)
Worldwide Church of God Prophetic Nuttery.
Representative quote:

RACE MATTERS It seems evident that the resurrected Noah will head a vast project of the relocation of the races and nations, within the boundaries God has set, for their own best good, happiness and richest blessings.”

3. The King James Only Research Blog (Bob Hayton)
What ‘research’ is there to be done? Surely the superiority of the KJV has been self-evident since 1611?
Representative quote:

“So How Do We Respond to New Manuscript Finds?” [He doesn’t really say. The ironic thing about this blog is that it appears to be devoid of ‘research’.]

4. The Bible Wheel Blog (Richard Amiel McGough)
Bible Code number magic, with numerological nuttiness, including diagrams. The newest entries seem to be on a different forum.
Representative quote:

“For many years I have had a nagging intuition that there was some fundamental connection between the Holographic Generating Set and repdigits such as 111, 888, 99999999. I am happy to announce that my hunch proved to be correct. You can read about the many amazing connections in my new article Repdigits and the Holographic Generating Set.”

5. Watching and Waiting (Next up: The Red Horse) (David J. Butterfield)
End-times nutjob.
Representative quote:

“Here’s a response to a question a reader asked, wondering if I believed that the “strong delusion” or the “mystery of iniquity” will involve some kind of deception concerning extra-terrestrial life. I do believe that it will likely be part of it …”

And to play the game, I tag Duane Smith and Gavin Rumney.


8 Responses to “The Five Blogs I’ve Never Read and Never Will Meme”

  1. Hey – an anti-meme! I love it. Is this like having time flow backwards?

  2. ntwrong said

    You did know that by commenting on an anti-meme, you are now tagged, didn’t you?

  3. How could I limit myself to just five? Fifty perhaps? There are millions out there just waiting to be not read!

  4. Jim said


    There are a LOT of crazies out there indeed.

  5. Thank you for reading The Plain Truth magazine blog.

    David Ben-Ariel

  6. agathos said

    If this is the “The Five Blogs I’ve Never Read and Never Will Meme” then how did you get the quotes from their sites and links? Even though they are good quotes showing why they are bad sites, and I am happy I have never visited them, I find it difficult to see how the above could be done by never going there. If I can’t be pedantic with the semantics then why go on?

    Should it be “The Five Blogs I Had To Visit and Would Rather Claw Out My Eyes Than Visit Again Meme”?

  7. ntwrong said

    Agathos asked:
    If this is the “The Five Blogs I’ve Never Read and Never Will Meme” then how did you get the quotes from their sites and links?

    N T Wrong:
    I applied the Bible Wheel code to the KJV in order to obtain the quotes.

  8. Jim said

    Well said Bishop Wrong. Don’t let ‘the man’ beat you down!

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