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Did Jesus Come to Britain?

Posted by NT Wrong on June 10, 2008

According to a new book by Glyn Lewis, Jesus walked on England’s ‘mountains green’. Yes – Jesus made it to England’s fair shores, with his ‘Uncle Joseph’ the metal-trader of Aramathea. Lewis finds compelling evidence for his view in the folklore of medieval and modern Christian Britain. Glyn Lewis is a photographer by trade.

““Britain is one of the very few countries that has songs and hymns about Jesus being here,” Lewis explains. “There are so many that it just seems strange they would all be fictional.” Carols like I Saw Three Ships mention Christ sailing into the country. Lewis says they are “un-likely to be fanciful” because they “survived in the canon of carols”.”
The Daily Express

Ah, yes, the Canon of Carols. That store of knowledge also allows us to believe that heat emanated from the footprints trodden into the snow by (‘Good King’) Wenceslaus I, Duke of Bohemia.

Don’t get me wrong. Glyn Lewis’s book, Did Jesus Come to Britain?: An Investigation into the Traditions That Christ Visited Cornwall and Somerset is dead on, I reckon. I once heard my Nana say that Jesus visited her hometown of Glastonbury a few years back now. She reckons that he nicked off to the pub all evening with her Arthur. Arthur, my Grandad, came back home at about 12:30am, and Nana said to him, “Who the hell have you been with all evening?” And my Grandad, he just rolled his eyes at her and said, “Jesus Christ, woman!”

And if my Nana said it, Glyn Lewis would well believe it, too.

… hmmm … it’s published by ‘Steiner Books’. It just clicked. Rudolf Steiner – as in the polymath and self-styled “anthroposophist”, who split off from Blavatsky’s nutty theosophists to start his own nutty brand of fin-de-siecle armchair occultism.


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