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Scientific Miracles in the Qur’an

Posted by NT Wrong on June 10, 2008

Muslim pop-apologists are often keen to say that the Qur’an contains some truly amazing scientific knowledge that has only recently been discovered by scientists. As your average seventh-century Arab couldn’t have known such things by him- or herself, the Muslim apologists go on to argue that this is sure evidence of divine inspiration.

There are quite a few websites that spin this nonsense, and I’ve heard it in about four talks I’ve gone to by Muslims. And I can only remember four talks by Muslims I’ve ever gone to.

Did you realise that the physiological widening of the birth canal was known in the Qur’an?

“From a drop of sperm He created him and proportioned him. Then He eases the way for him.” ( Qur’an, 80:20 )
Miracles of the Qur’an

And did you know the Qur’an always knew about black holes?

“When the stars are extinguished …” ( Qur’an, 77:8 )
Miracles of the Qur’an

Of course, this all takes some fairly imaginative interpretation of the Qur’an, in order to stretch the words until they seem to fit the parlance of modern scientific claims. I’ve always thought it was a little desperate, and while it doesn’t say much about the credibility of the Qur’an one way or the other, it does say something about the credulity of some of its followers. 

But there’s another problem with the whole approach. This ‘Jesus and Mo‘ cartoon makes the point well:

7 Responses to “Scientific Miracles in the Qur’an”

  1. said

    We believe the people of the Holy Koran as the home of the machine, not a creature of the sites and we have the scientific miracle, which started running so far show the world that he is from God and not the words of a great people and I read what I am saying to you because it’s the first Ferdows this small because the human brain has a great spot

    And thanks very much

  2. hadeel said

    I really respect you for looking into other religions, if you are really looking for the TRUTH, searching for the CREATOR you’ll find him, cause HE will guide those who truly want to know and if you’re looking to ARGUE or CRITICSIZE, that’s a very easy way and believe me you will go ASTRAY
    cause you will not add or subtract anythingto or from God’s kingdom if you don’t find the truth but you on the other hand will lose everything. If you want to research the verses truly go to
    and if you want to just critisize, that’s easy, just make up more stuff or talk to more ignorant people.

  3. ntwrong said

    I’ve heard that anybody who disagrees with the proposition that the Qur’an is the most wonderful, perfect, melifluous prose in the world is just being perverse and sinful. Funnily enough, some people make the same claim about those who disagree with the Bible. I guess that makes just about everybody in the world perverse and sinful.

  4. hadeel said

    I do agree with the fact that each one believes the book inbetween his/her hands is THE BOOK, which is why we embrace one religion and not the other..All I meant, is before we judge eachother we should explore all religions in a very neutral way in the search of GOD, cause that’s what we all want and that is the main goal from which we will all benefit, we need not just critisize, we need to be true to ourselves in search of THE TRUTH. Thank you very much for taking the time to reply, cause no matter how much people disagree, they should still be able to talk, afterall, we are all humans and we should learn to love one another for that reason. That is what prophet Jesus taught us all (peace and blessings be upon him).

  5. ntwrong said

    I quite agree, Hadeel, that we should talk openly about these things. It’s good to have a conversation about these things with you. But you should know that some of us who criticize the Qur’an and Bible do so because we are searching for the truth — not because we are obstinate. That is, just because we conclude that the Qur’an and Bible are flawed human documents should not lead you to conclude that we are any less sincere than those who embrace either the Qur’an or the Bible.

  6. hadeel said

    I don’t want to bother you with so many comments yet, I would just like to say that if we are honest to ourselves in finding THE TRUTH we will find it, sure we will, it’s the aim of our exictence, the whole universe is designed so that the human being could live on planet earth, and it’s designed with perfection and accuracy, so the lord who created all this must have a system for us too HUMANS and if we follow that system, we will be in perfect harmony with that universe, one symohony. But the most important tool in that search is to be neutral…you will not be born until you die and that will happen when one let’s go of his/her ego and looks with the eye of wisdom.

  7. ntwrong said

    Well I don’t know too many neutral people, but I do know the odd one with bigger blinders on than others.

    I don’t know about the world being a harmony. I’m trying to stay neutral on that idea, and remain open to the possibility that ‘meaning’ might just be projection of our desires.

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