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Today, the Properly Christian Ethical Stance Survives Mostly in Atheism

Posted by NT Wrong on June 12, 2008

“During the Seventh Crusade, led by St. Louis, Yves le Breton reported how he once encountered an old woman who wandered down the street with a dish full of fire in her right hand and a bowl full of water in her left hand. Asked why she carried the two bowls, she answered that with the fire she would burn up Paradise until nothing remained of it, and with the water she would put out the fires of Hell until nothing remained of them: “Because I want no one to do good in order to receive the reward of Paradise, or from fear of Hell; but solely out of love for God.” Today, this properly Christian ethical stance survives mostly in atheism.”
– Slavoj Žižek, ‘Defenders of the Faith’, New York Times Op-Ed, March 12, 2006


4 Responses to “Today, the Properly Christian Ethical Stance Survives Mostly in Atheism”

  1. I thought it was Rabi’a, the Sufi mystic, who did that…

  2. Samuel Skinner said

    See “Love makes you Evil” on TvTropes.org

  3. MikaelBjarturMoolsen aka BjarturtheBaptist said

    I wish I had a cool name like Slavoj Zizjek.

  4. ntwrong said

    hmmmmm … a doublet?

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