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Tenth Anniversary of Buddy Davis’ ‘Creation Gospel’ Album

Posted by NT Wrong on June 19, 2008

Yes, it’s ten years since Buddy Davis released an album that shot straight to number one throughout Kansas: ‘Creation Gospel’. Every one of these tracks is just so darn catchy, a little bit of me wished I could believe in something as daft as Creation Science. Here’s the track-listing for this monumental album:

1. Billions Of Dead Things 3:11
2. It’s Designed to Do What It Does Do 1:52
3. I Don’t Believe in Evolution 2:12
4. He makes Dreams Out of Nothing 3:33
5. Problem Solved 2:48
6. God’s The Author of Creation 2:33
7. Adam and Eve 3:01
8. Could Behemoth Be a Dinosaur? 2:02
9. Creation Week 2:14
10. The Answer’s In Genesis 2:04
11. Glory to God, Jesus is King 1:50
12. The Hands That Created the World 2:51
13. In Six Days 1:59
14. I Believe 3:45

Listening to it again makes me just weep tears of joy. Go on, treat yourself to a listen to ‘Billions Of Dead Things’. You’ll never forget the experience:

I imagine this is still number one in Kansas.

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  1. i have 4 of your cds including creation gospel, i love it, it builds me up, i don’t have money to buy any more so i just keep listening to what i have, warrior down is also one of my favorites. I wish i could find some more. Is there a place i can visit on the web and maybe download some, if so would you send me an email and let me know? Buddy Davis the best and most unique country gospel singer i have heard, God has blessed me so much with his music. regards catherine rowe.

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