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11111: The Binary Biblical Studies Carnival Meme

Posted by NT Wrong on June 30, 2008

‘There are 10 kinds of people in the world. Those who understand binary and those who don’t.’

Lingamish has tagged me in a meme, designed to replace the failed slightly tardy Biblical Studies Carnival XXX.

Here are the rules:

    a. Tag five Biblical studies bloggers.
    b. Invent fictional posts that they might have written over the last month.
    c. Link to this post.

Here’s my five:

    James Crossley: Resurrection, My Arse!
    Chuck Grantham: Testament of Solomon 14: Sunday School Notes
    Mystical Seeker: Why We’re Merely Taking Different Paths Up The Same Mountain
    Wade Greiner: It’s a Slow Train Coming but Something Is Happening Here and You Don’t Know What It Is
    Phil Sumpter: Interpreting the Bible as God’s Word Allows You to Understand It Is God’s Word

Lingamish also adds a horrific curse to this meme: “Failure to keep this meme going will result in the offender being forced to listen to Todd Bentley reading the complete works of Zwingli.”

11 Responses to “11111: The Binary Biblical Studies Carnival Meme”

  1. David Ker said

    Mish. Drat you Bib Studies folks. How can we trust you with the original documents when you can’t spell Lingamish!!!!


  2. steph said

    Number 5 tag sounds like something NoT Wright would say.:-)

  3. Is that Zwingli in German and Latin, or in one’s native tongue?

    And is Bentley doing spirit-led MMA reading?

    Inquiring minds and all….

  4. Oh, and is Testament of Solomon 14 the verse where Solomon praises God for his power over the king of demons, or the whole later “chapter” concerning Lilith by another name?

    Commentaries are a bit thin on the ground on this one.

  5. You’ve got me so pegged.

  6. ntwrong said

    Testament of Solomon 14 is the whole chapter, as per the chapters in OTP 1:935-87. One part of it is so naughty that Conybeare used Latin in his translation.

  7. ntwrong said

    Sorry, David – I think the word turned into Gilgamesh half-way through typing it. I have changed ‘Lingamesh’ [sic] to “Lingamish’.

  8. By the way, how is it that I qualify as a “biblical studies blogger”? 🙂

  9. ntwrong said

    Because you posted on ‘The Word of God’

  10. David Ker said

    Bless you. And FYI my blog was originally called the Etic of Lingamish. 8)

  11. James C said

    My humble apologies Wrong (how do I apologise to a bishop – curtsey?), I’ve been off for a bit. But some problems. A. I still don’t understand memes. That’s my problem, I appreciate that. B. I must have written that resurrection/arse post in the last month so it can’t be fictional.

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