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Off to the SBL International Meeting!

Posted by NT Wrong on July 3, 2008

Mrs Wrong kindly snapped a photo of me, as I was pretending to board the plane at Raleigh-Durham International. That’s me, partially obscured by the man in the red shirt.

Whose idea was it to have a July conference in the Southern Hemisphere? Don’t they realize that it’s midwinter down there? And is New Zedland a real place? I thought it was just some fictional land made up by JRR Tolkien.

Anyway … while at the SBL International Conference, I promise to share digital photos from my new camera. And, I’ll provide passing comments on any papers of interest that I attend.


10 Responses to “Off to the SBL International Meeting!”

  1. Iyov said

    One immediately recognizes that the photo is dated because everyone is wearing their shoes, no one has taken out their laptops, and nary a TSA uniform is to be found.

  2. Iyov said

    Oh, and by the by, did you realize that when one types in “ntwrong” to google it comes back with this suggestion:

    Did you mean: not working

  3. ntwrong said

    You’re such a skeptic, Iyov. 🙂

    But this is approximately what it will look like when I do board the plane – except for the laptops and added security.

  4. steph said

    Kia Ora: We are Aotearoa – the land of the long white cloud, a land of myths and legends … or a mythical land. Hopefully you’ll have a nice dream while you’re here. The flight from Heathrow is the worst reality possible – especially the uphill one back.

  5. ntwrong said

    Heathrow? Heathrow??

  6. steph said

    Yup – it’s the only direct route springing board from there to here. 🙂

  7. steph said

    (It’s the time):-)

  8. ntwrong said

    Are you a ‘Kiwi’, then Steph? Does this mean you’re small and furry? And green?

  9. steph said

    Not furry – I’m feathery. And I’m nocturnal and I can’t fly. I wish I could.:-)

  10. steph said

    And yes I’m green!

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