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SBL International Auckland – Day 5

Posted by NT Wrong on July 11, 2008

Thomas Römer delivered a very good paper, which examined whether various divergent traditions about Moses in Persian and Hellenistic non-biblical sources might be reflected in the biblical texts. For example, he asked whether the “sign” of Moses’ leprous hand in Exodus 4.6-7 might be a “counter history” reacting against an important tradition recorded in Manetho, in which Moses was described as a man affected by leprosy. He gave the example of how many scholars now accept that Genesis 6.1-4 is a summary of 1 Enoch 6-11, rather than the reverse, and applied this to a number of Moses traditions as well.

Allan Cadwallader gave a paper about Greco-Roman slavery as a background to Philemon. He showed how Paul’s letter perpetuated the social stigma of slavery, while still referring to Onesimus as a “brother”.

I found a nice cafe for lunch:

Time to fly out, soon. It was good fun.


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