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University of San Diego Sells Academia Out to Rich Catholic Donor

Posted by NT Wrong on July 22, 2008

Last month, June 2008, Rosemary Radford Ruether was appointed to a visiting chair at the University of San Diego for 2009/10. This month, following pressure from a conservative Catholic pressure group, and the opinion of some anonymous Catholic donor who provides cash for the university’s chair, Ruether has been unappointed by the University of San Diego. This is so, despite the fact that the faculty supported the original appointment, the university had made the offer to Ruether, and the university’s wbsite advertised the appointment. Iyov has the details.

If you were considering studying at the University of San Diego, you may wish to reconsider. Academic integrity comes second to the uninformed opinions of interest groups and donors. This lack of academic integrity is by no means something that the University of San Diego has a monopoly on, but that doesn’t excuse the poor decision.

2 Responses to “University of San Diego Sells Academia Out to Rich Catholic Donor”

  1. Looney said

    You are four years too late with that post. In June, I sat through a pornographic graduation speech at UCSD – along with many thousands of others- by another visiting professor named Amanda Roberts. It was sick.

  2. Looney said

    Well, that last post confused UCSD with University of San Diego. Sorry.

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