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Westminster Theological Seminary Sells Academia Out to Ignorant Bureaucrats

Posted by NT Wrong on July 25, 2008

The faculty of the Westminster Theological Seminary voted in favour of Enns’ orthodoxy in terms of the Westminster Confession. According to the faculty, Enns was always operating within the confessional boundaries of the Westminster Theological Seminary. But the academically ignorant board of the Westminster Theological Seminary tried to second-guess the academic staff on an academic matter. This is where academic integrity came to an end at WTS.

Jim Getz comments on the Peter Enns dismissal:

“It’s not that I have a problem with WTS firing Enns for denominational or confessional reasons. Div schools and seminaries have every right to terminate the contracts of those who disagree with the school’s charter. The issue isn’t simply one of academic freedom. If you want to be a “free thinker” without any boundaries, perhaps a confessional school that has you sign a confession of faith when you enter isn’t the place for you.

What bothers me about the WTS-Enns affair is that this split was pushed through by the trustees, not the faculty. After the faculty declared Enns’ positions fine, the president and trustees moved in and suspended Enns. The faculty at a theological seminary was not considered theologically savvy enough to make the decision of what constituted the theological boundaries of the institution for which they teach, of the discipline in which they are experts.”

If you were considering studying at the Westminster Theological Seminary, you may wish to reconsider. Let’s face it – academic integrity at WTS was never very high in the first place, considering it meant subscribing to the archaic ideas contained in the Westminster Confesson. But if you knew that from the beginning, that would have been fine. However, after the Peter Enns dismissal, academic integrity at WTS has sunk to a level where it comes second to the uninformed opinions of reactionary bureaucrats. This lack of academic integrity is by no means something that the Westminster Theological Seminary has a monopoly on, but that doesn’t excuse the poor decision.

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