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Biblioblog Challenge: Find a Church Sign worse than the one Jim West found

Posted by NT Wrong on August 7, 2008

My friend Dr Jim West recently protested against an Oak Ridge Nazarene Church sign which read I Made Chuck Norris Too  — God.

Although I didn’t find it objectionable, I did find the sign a little sad.

But I could think of a few church signs that are considerably more inappropriate …

However, I suspect one must be Totally DepravedTM in order to find that sign at all amusing.

In any case, I challenge all bibliobloggers to find a church sign which is worse than Jim West’s sign. Link to this post when you do, if you please. And I will judge the winner after the end of August. The most inappropriate church sign wins.


2 Responses to “Biblioblog Challenge: Find a Church Sign worse than the one Jim West found”

  1. Jim said

    Yeah, that one you cite— pretty sad. Someone wasn’t thinking very clearly.

  2. I honestly don’t think I could beat that!

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