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… nope, they didn’t come. At least, not YET.

Posted by NT Wrong on August 28, 2008

Dear Faithful Remnant,

Although our prophets had prophesied the coming of the Nephilim, it appears that they had the date wrong. Let me make this clear — the prophecy is still correct, and the Nephilim will one day return in their great shiny UFO, piloted by Jesus and Mary Magdalene. But the year of His Second Coming was back-to-front. Obviously, reading right to left, like in the Language of God, the year of His Second Coming should have been A.D. 8002, not 2008 as the Great Prophets of The North Carolina Free Universalist Interfaith Church wrongly interpreted. This was a Test. Only those without True Faith will fall away. Amen.

Bishop N. T. Wrong
Durham, North Carolina

P.S. At least, while in the hills, I got to read John Gray’s Black Mass. What a hoot.


5 Responses to “… nope, they didn’t come. At least, not YET.”

  1. steph said

    you got it wrong! welcome home 🙂

  2. Wrong was wrong? Do two Wrongs make a Wright?

    Black Mass: Missing matter in the universe or arcane ritual? Is Mr. Gray connected to the Nephilim?

    Welcome back. When were you gone?

  3. James C said


  4. ntwrong said

    John Gray is referring to the arcane ritual. The idea is that all utopian projects in modernity derive from religious apocalyptic traditions (Zoroastrian-Jewish-Christian-Muslim). And, says Gray, it’s about time we stopped such shenanigans.

  5. David Ker said

    Don’t do that ever again.

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