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What is the word for taking everything literally?

Posted by NT Wrong on August 29, 2008

Looking, as I regularly do, at search terms which landed at this blog, I found that somebody had searched for:

They found a quote by James Barr, that late, great iconoclast of being literal.

And so — just what is the word for ‘taking everything literally’? Probably the best word you could use is the following:

    provanlonglongmanise /pruv-an-lawng-lawng-muhn-nahyz/ verb
    to provide an elaborate literalistic paraphrase of a text, which falsely purports to provide a scholarly assessment of it

I trust that will be of assistance in future searches.


One Response to “What is the word for taking everything literally?”

  1. steph said

    provanlonglongmanise is an anagram of prolong vann mangolise which means to brutalise a text in a pompous bullying banter (which is usually literalistic).

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