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‘If Jesus Came Today He Wouldn’t Be a Christian’, by Jeff Simmonds, Hits Number 1 on the Biblioblog Charts

Posted by NT Wrong on September 2, 2008

Jeff Simmonds has a PhD in religious studies from the University of Victoria, New Zedland. I know, because he sings about it at the start of his song.

“Jeff was previously the lead singer of the band Obadiah and the Minor Prophets and as ‘Dr. Jeff Obadiah Simmonds” wrote 24 short books on a range of issues related to Christianity and social justice.”
“Along with his brother, Phill, he won the New Zedland ‘New Filmmaker of the Year’ award in 2007.”
“He is currently writing a book called Judas Moved the Stone that outlines his conclusions and his point of view.”
Jeff Simmonds’ website

‘If Jesus Came Today He Wouldn’t Be a Christian’ is currently Number One on the Biblioblog Charts. It’s gone lead.

    I love Jesus
    And Jesus loves me
    I know all about him
    Because I’ve got a PhD
    Studying Religion and Church History
    And the development of Christology
    From its pre-Christian origins
    To the Council of Chalcedon
    In 451 – Yeah!
    If I could make a machine
    To travel back in time
    I’d go to the first century
    And live in Palestine
    I could talk to John the Baptist
    And Rabbi Hanina Ben Dosa
    I’d find St Paul
    And punch him in the head
    Then I’d talk to Jesus
    And listen to everything he said – Yeah!
    I’m sure that Jesus
    Must be turning in his grave
    When he sees those
    Who are preaching in his name
    If Jesus came today he wouldn’t be a Christian
    No, he’d probably be a liberal Jew
    That’s why I don’t want to be a Christian
    Just a follower of Jesus
    … Or maybe just a Buddhist – Yeah!

Those New Zedlanders have wacky senses of humour.

… I guess he’s probably related to Steph.

2 Responses to “‘If Jesus Came Today He Wouldn’t Be a Christian’, by Jeff Simmonds, Hits Number 1 on the Biblioblog Charts”

  1. Christian said

    These healings were in¼tantaneous and on the surface often appeared to require very little of the one healed. Christian

  2. steph said

    Actually although I think I remember him from more than ten years ago hanging around the department, going by the name and his photo, we aren’t related. Most of my rellies are hobbits and the rest are English. I’m a first generation Kiwi.

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