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How do Prosperity Preachers Get Their Cash?

Posted by NT Wrong on September 7, 2008

Bernard Grant is the author of Roadblocks To Prosperity. Read Bernard’s book, and you too can learn how to be rich for Jeeeeeeezus. Now that his God, ‘God of the Great Mammories’ has given him loads of cash, he has moved up in society. He’s a man of discretion and taste. To prove it, just check out how he dresses in the picture to the right:

When you dress like that, and you’re living a heterosexual lifestyle, it’s no wonder you want to emphasise on MySpace that you’re ‘straight’.

But MySpace teaches us something else, as well. How does a man like Bernard Grant get all his cash? I know it’s ultimately from his God Of The Many Breasts, but what’s the more mundane source of his wealth?

… Ah yes – he gets his money by fleecing his flock. Now, that’s admirable. Bernie, you might be on top of an easy pyramid at the moment, but it’s the Eighth Circle of Hell for you in the end.

5 Responses to “How do Prosperity Preachers Get Their Cash?”

  1. steph said

    Pass the bucket please… We have a similar disease in NZ – Destiny Church, imported from America. Brian Tamaki, the leader, has a fleet of Harley Davidsons, a boat, 2 million dollar houses and takes his companions on luxury sea cruises to discuss God. How does he gather his wealth? He fleeces his flock with compulsory tithes. He has slicked back hair, open neck shirts and hairy chest with lots of gold jewellery. If you join his church you will become rich too. You see when Jesus said blessed are the poor, what he actually meant was…

  2. ntwrong said

    … ‘blessed are the cheesemakers’?

  3. steph said

    I went once to hear him preach. He had everyone in his power but it was all bullshit.

  4. steph said

    (I was writing a paper on new movements – I wasn’t looking for spiritual enlightenment!)

  5. steph said

    yeah pretty much – 🙂

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