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I don’t like the poor – by Jeff Simmonds

Posted by NT Wrong on September 10, 2008

Because we just can’t get enough, here’s Jeff Simmonds — the Michael Leunig of the music world.

    And I… don’t like the poor
    And I… don’t love them anymore
    All they ever do is sit around and die
    I wonder why
    But I don’t love them
    Because they’re poor

    And I… never liked Mother Teresa
    And I… don’t think I would’ve pleased her
    Even though I’m sure she was a very nice person
    I prefer Elle McPherson
    ‘Cause she’s rich and pretty
    And that’s what matters

    And why… don’t they just get a real job?
    And why… don’t they look after themselves?
    You know I’ve got real troubles of my own
    Like how to pay my mortgage
    And feed my children
    And buy more CDs

    And I… wish the poor would go away
    And I… hope everyone’s rich someday
    But I’m sure the poor are here to stay
    And that’s too bad
    But am I my brother’s

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