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There Aren’t Enough Orthodox Jewish Reggae Singers in the World Today

Posted by NT Wrong on September 22, 2008

But Matisyahu is an exception. Here’s one of his finest: ‘King Without a Crown’.

“Born in West Chester, PA and raised in White Plains, NY, the young man formerly known as Matthew Miller would undertake a monumental odyssey before discovering his path – and voice – as Matisyahu (the Hebrew equivalent of “Matthew,” and the name he became known by when he became observant). Via adventures in Colorado, Israel, Oregon, and New York City, he not only heard a profound spiritual calling, but also discerned a revolutionary way to share his discoveries and reflections, via the reggae and hip-hop sounds that had long been an integral part of his day-to-day soundtrack.”
The Matisyahu Webpage

He’s beatboxing on this one:

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