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The Beer of Death: Samael’s Ale

Posted by NT Wrong on September 28, 2008

From June 2008, Avery Brewing, of Boulder Colorado, have offered a strong ale by the name of “Samael’s Ale”. Samael is the angel of death in early Judaism, the Demiurge according to the Gnostic Apocryphon of John, and one of the seven archangels according to Pope Gregory the Great (ca. AD 540 – 604). At 14.5% alcohol, Samael’s Ale may well live up to its name.

Samael’s Ale is one of the ales in Avery Brewing’s ‘Demons of Ale’ series, which also includes ‘The Beast’ and ‘Mephistopheles’ Stout’.

2 Responses to “The Beer of Death: Samael’s Ale”

  1. Phil H. said

    Hello N.T.

    If you want good quality beer with an apocalyptic tinge, I would recommend _La fin du monde_ (made by Unibroue in Quebec — also a high percentage, about 10 or 11%). Sure an Amercian brewer can pick some cool names, but I doubt the taste will meet the standards of Samael or any other used to good quality beer.


  2. ntwrong said

    Thanks for the recommendation. I had a look, and I see they also have a beer named Maudite. Sounds a fine brew.

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