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Žižek – Why Only an Atheist Can Believe: Politics Between Fear and Trembling

Posted by NT Wrong on October 6, 2008

A lecture delivered at Calvin College, Michigan, on November 10, 2006.

Žižek addresses the complicated relationship between belief, or what we take to be belief, and our desire to see all. The lecture is followed by a brief period of questions and answers.

The video seems to have been removed from YouTube for violation of terms of use. But, it is available as a 1.09GB torrent file-sharing protocol — if you’re into those — at this anarchist site:

“The two films’ [United 93’s and World Trade Centre’s] message – ideological, political message – resides in their very abstention from delivering a message. This abstention is sustained by an implicit trust in one’s government. When the enemy attacks, don’t think, just do your duty. This is what I call ‘Britney Spears’ Theory of Action’, because, effectively, I remember two years ago seeing Britney Spears interviewed on MTV. She was asked “what does she think about Iraq?” and so on. She says, “I don’t quite understand it, all I know is that, at a certain point, we ordinary people should simply trust our President.”
– Slavoj Žižek, Why Only an Atheist Can Believe: Politics Between Fear and Trembling

Also, more accessible is:

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