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New Movie Epic: Ba’al: The Storm God

Posted by NT Wrong on October 17, 2008

“A terminally ill archaeologist attempts to cure his cancer by retrieving the ancient amulets of the storm god Ba’al.”

Ba’al: The Storm God is a SciFi Channel special, not a general release. Of course, you just can’t control Ba’al, and so Ba’al ends up unleashing “the ultimate storm on earth.”

I see the tagline is “There’ll be Hell to Pay”. Surely “There’ll be ‘El to Pay” would’ve been more appropriate.


One Response to “New Movie Epic: Ba’al: The Storm God”

  1. eklektekuria said

    I caught some of this on SciFi a few weeks ago. It was rather awful. It had some nonsense about ancient Baal inscriptions being discovered in Alaska or Norway or some other Arctic region.

    Then a week later they showed the movie Dagon. I flipped the channel after a few minutes, but since it was inspired by an HP Lovecraft short story, I wondered a bit whether it was any good. I also wondered what other West Semitic mythology horror movies could be made.

    I’ll be definitely be tuning in to Anat: The Movie, if they ever get around to making one.

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