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Airport ‘Strip-Search Scanner’ Uncovers Jim West!

Posted by NT Wrong on October 26, 2008

REUTERS, AMSTERDAM – Renowned biblioblogger Jim West fell victim to the new ‘strip-search scanner’ technology at a Netherlands airport, yesterday. The controversial T-scan allows airport security staff to view underneath passengers’ clothing for hidden weapons or other illegal items.

When the airport scanner detected a magazine hidden up the back of Dr West’s shirt, it raised the interest of airport security, who suspected they had uncovered a smuggling operation. However, it transpired that Dr West had merely hidden the magazine to avoid embarassment in front of his travelling companions.

“I just didn’t want them to know that I was a regular subscriber,” explained Dr West.

T-Scan of Dr Jim West with hidden magazine.

Left: Photo of Dr Jim West. Right: T-Scan of Dr Jim West with hidden magazine.

6 Responses to “Airport ‘Strip-Search Scanner’ Uncovers Jim West!”

  1. steph said

    Nah – Jim’s not that plump.

  2. ntwrong said

    Are you suggesting steroid use, as well?

  3. steph said

    Well maybe, if he’s auditioning for the next world wrestling competition. But he’s at a disadvantage with that wonky shoulder.

  4. I think Jim just fears ever entering a bathroom without toilet paper, so he carries his own everywhere.

  5. Jim said


  6. Robert Deutsch said

    The Naked Biblioblogger

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