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Biblical Studies Carnival XXXV – Duane Smith

Posted by NT Wrong on November 1, 2008

Duane Smith of Abnormal Interests provides a run-down of the month of October 2008 in biblioblogland, including the “flurry” of archaeological discoveries last month.

One discovery which came too late for inclusion in Duane’s fine Carnival was the discovery of a strange image on the reverse of a newly discovered Ugaritic tablet. I have provided a picture of the tablet here. Could it be, perhaps, the visage of Ilimilku? No doubt the Minimalists will claim it is just pareidolia. But, I wonder…


2 Responses to “Biblical Studies Carnival XXXV – Duane Smith”

  1. Jim said

    santa was alive at ugarit!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. It is clear that the picture in this Ugaritic tablet represents someone very old but very well known. Could this be the first photo of Gilgamesh?

    Claude Mariottini

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