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Homosexual Cartoon

Posted by NT Wrong on November 4, 2008

In this cartoon, ‘Christian’ learns about ‘the latest scientific evidence’ on homosexuality. It’s taken from the movie For the Bible Tells Me So and is entitled, ‘Is It A Choice?’

4 Responses to “Homosexual Cartoon”

  1. Hmmm, I haven’t seen that movie – but I heard good things about it. I wonder if you are aware of the work of Sandi Dubowski (note here – http://stenagmois.blogspot.com/2007/08/sandi-dubowski.html)

  2. ntwrong said

    No, I’m not aware. Thanks, Bob.

    I watched the whole movie (For the Bible Tells Me So), and was quite fascinated. As it’s based on interviews with about 4 or 5 conservative evangelical families, with their gay children and their families, it’s quite a compelling study. Definitely worthwhile to add to your movie list, I think.

  3. Drew said

    We had a viewing and a discussion with a group of about 30 students at the college at which I work last year. I like the structure of focusing on family narratives in the film. Quite powerful on a level that does not abstract it as an “issue” among others. Although the title is misleading since they did not focus on much of the Bible. They spoke to Mouw and included a short clip of him and spent quite a bit of time with Gomes and Robinson, but did not get into the socio-theological issues quite enough to justify the title.

  4. john shuck said

    A student at very conservative college in our area showed the film with a panel of faculty to lead discussion following. They invited the community to watch as well. It was a packed house. I was impressed that this discussion happened in our area.

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