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Mangum P.I. – Biblioblogger Stars in 80s Remake

Posted by NT Wrong on November 7, 2008


Douglas Mangum is a Renegade Hebraist and part-time Private Investigator, in a remake of the original 1980s television series. Mangum skates a thin line between rival gangs of Maximalists and Minimalists in Oahu, Hawaii. Together with his silent partner, Tod Twist, Mangum fights antiquities dealers and members of the mysterious ‘Enclitic Em Gang’ on the beaches of Hawaii.


3 Responses to “Mangum P.I. – Biblioblogger Stars in 80s Remake”

  1. I resisted the temptation to make a Mangum P.I. joke when Doug started investigating your identity, but I’m relieved that someone made it! 🙂

  2. Jim said

    oh that’s priceless!!!!

  3. Thanks, NT! Just like High School all over again except with cooler graphics.

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