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Treating Bible as ‘History’ is ‘Irresponsible’: Y. Zakovitch

Posted by NT Wrong on November 18, 2008

“The learning of actual history from biblical narrative except in the most general and vague terms is an unachievable task, even irresponsible. The ideological history of the nation of Israel is the task worthy of effort.”
– Yair Zakovitch, ‘Story Versus History’, Proceedings of the Eighth World Congress of Jewish Studies: Panel Sessions: Bible Studies and Hebrew Language (Jerusalem: World Union of Jewish Studies, 1983): 47-60, 60.

2 Responses to “Treating Bible as ‘History’ is ‘Irresponsible’: Y. Zakovitch”

  1. In fact, he´s correct. But not at all. I can see these two ways to understand bible in a historical perspective – an important source to study history [a primary source in some cases] and – an important source to rebuit history throught the bible stories [mainly the history ideas].

  2. Jim said

    gee that sounds familiar…

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