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New Gerd Lüdemann Interview

Posted by NT Wrong on December 3, 2008

ludemannThere’s gems everywhere in Luís Rodrigues’ interview with Gerd Lüdemann, December 2008.

On the Pope’s book about Jesus:

“I think that [Pope Benedict VXI’s] main flaw [in his biography of Jesus] is that he does not think it necessary to take into account the basic research of the last 200 years. So, if I may compare with the scientists, he’s a scientist who still presupposes that the Earth is in the middle of the Universe.”

On the attempt to marry faith and modern historical research:

“historical research is the death of faith. Whoever does historical research – that’s my experience – will have to say: “I no longer believe”… I think that historical research and modern studies destroy religion. If I may say one more thing, liberals are deceiving themselves to a degree that they seem not to realize… [H]istorical scholarship is destroying religion. Having read the bible historically and critically, you can no longer read it piously, because you know if you do, you deceive yourself.”

On the categorization of Jesus as a militant, rather than a preacher of peace:

“[Jesus] was radical. He himself said – and that’s an authentic saying – “I’m not here to bring the peace; I bring the sword.” He was, I almost say, hallucinating about his role at the end of world when the twelve tribes of Israel would be there and his twelve disciples would sit on the thrones and then judge the twelve tribes of Israel—and he probably had a special role in there. So somebody who’s predicting the end of the world is not peaceful knows that peace is brought through power. I cannot disagree more with you when you say that Jesus was peaceful. He was not peaceful. That’s wishful thinking.”

Read the whole interview here. (Spotted at Jim West’s place.)

5 Responses to “New Gerd Lüdemann Interview”

  1. john shuck said

    Thanks for this. Jesus was kick ass.

  2. strawdog said

    Jesus also was kinda delusional.

  3. J.C. Baker said

    No comment on the recent debate about your identity?, Bishop

  4. ntwrong said

    John – Jesus was a bad mofo.

    Straw – Well yeah, but aren’t we all though. But some more than others.

    JCB – No, I’m not Jesus.

  5. “No, I’m not Jesus.”

    Dang! I had $5 on the Jesus square in the office pool.

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