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Introducing Myself

Posted by NT Wrong on December 4, 2008

barackزملائي الأمريكيين ، والآن ، تكشف ان مدون أنا كانت تعرف سابقا باسم “ن. ت. خاطئة “.

وكما تعلمون جيدا ، في أي مكان من أجل الحصول على السياسة في الولايات المتحدة هذه الأيام ، لديك لموجة في الكتاب المقدس عن الشعوب التي تواجهها ، نقلا عن الكتاب المقدس في كل الجملة الثانية ، وعموما الكلام هراء. حسنا ، هذه واجهة أثره. وبالتالي ، فإنني اقامة هذا بلوق لاقول لكم ما أعتقد فعلا.

للأسف ، مع زيادة في الرسوم وأتوقع أن تتخذ على هذا كانون الثاني / يناير القادم ، فإنني لن تكون قادرة على بلوق هنا أطول بكثير. ولكن لقد استمتعت بإقامتي ، وأود أن أشكر كل واحد منكم لصنع بلدي المدونات خبرة كبيرة واحدة.

حياك الله ، الأمريكية.

من المسيح الدجال

My fellow Americans, I now reveal that am the biblioblogger formerly known as “N. T. Wrong”.

As you well know, in order to get anywhere in U.S. politics these days, you have to wave the Bible about in peoples’ faces, quoting from the scriptures in every second sentence, and generally talk nonsense. Well, this facade took its toll. So, I set up this biblioblog in order to tell you what I really think.

Alas, with the increase in duties I expect to take on this coming January, I will not be able to biblioblog here much longer. But I’ve enjoyed my stay, and I want to thank each and every one of you for making my biblioblogging experience a great one.

God bless you, America.

11 Responses to “Introducing Myself”

  1. I prefer Flossie.

  2. steph said

    I love the one automatically generated link: Catholics, Disney, and Corrupting Youth. I bet many of those in the land you just blessed, would believe this post – LIAR!!!

    Who is Flossie? (and who is Obama?)

  3. steph said

    oh my mistake – oh well you’re still corrupting youth with Catholic pop fiction.

  4. Geoff said

    I think I know how to know who N.T. Wrong is.

  5. mattdabbs said

    I guess I nailed the black part but missed the lesbian, female part.

  6. Duane said

    Your English translation seems to have skipped the last line of the Arabic.

  7. Flossie is the New Zealand sheep that claims to be N.T. Wrong.

    Should stand out. I mean, sure New Zealand’s got lots of sheep, but how many operate computers?

  8. ntwrong said

    Duane – The Arabic looks a little corrupt to me.

  9. EPIC. WIN!

  10. Obama always says “United States of America,” not this offensive “America” which ignores all those other American countries.

    This is therefore a fraud.

    Sheesh, people, where would you be without me?

  11. Duane said

    Yeah, the Arabic looks a little like Google Arabic to me. When it comes to Arabic I’m never sure what to think. But that still doesn’t explain the last clause.

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