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Ode to Zwingli

Posted by NT Wrong on December 4, 2008

zwingliThere was once a Reformer called Zwingli,
Whom I esteem above all — if not singly.
If of him you don’t rave,
You must be totally depraved,
For he makes me all hot and tingly.

– Anon.

10 Responses to “Ode to Zwingli”

  1. steph said

    A fine art? Well, I suppose so. Now all the corrupted youth will think Jim is Obama who is the terrorising messiah.

  2. There’s another two of my theories shot to hell…

  3. I always had the sneaking suspicion that Zwingli made you inappropriately tingly…

  4. godbothering said

    There was a reformer called Luther
    Who said to the Pope, ‘Holy Father,
    I know that you
    Think your preaching is true
    But guess what? Mine is much truther.


  5. Jim said

    tis a fantastic ode!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Jim will no doubt have this set to music.

  7. steph said

    Yes it would sound good to Mozart. I wonder if he’d write a score from heaven?

  8. andrewbourne said

    You have definitely lost your marbles

  9. Jim said

    set to music by mozart…. oh that gave me cold chills.

  10. I dunno. Sounds too tame a limerick for Mozart to want to set to music.

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