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Christian Apocrypha – Tsalampouni reviews Klauck’s Die apokryphe Bibel

Posted by NT Wrong on December 10, 2008

klauckEkaterini G. Tsalampouni is blogging chapter summaries of H.-J. Klauck’s new book, Die apokryphe Bibel (2008). Klauck’s book deals with certain issues arising from the Christian Apocrypha (abbreviated “K.D.” on Ekaterini’s blog). Klauch:

“provides a detailed analysis of seven individual case studies and focuses on the main genres also known from the New Testament. The series of chapters begins with the gospels of Judas, Thomas and Secret Mark. The Apocryphal Acts are represented by the partly funny episodes about humans and animals. Two apocryphal apocalypses of Paul and the correspondence between Seneca and Paul follow. The author then moves on to the often neglected Pseudo-Clementine writings and discusses the magical context between Simon Peter and Simon Magus and the framing and embedded letters. The last chapter is devoted to an extended thematic study of the polymorphic saviour in early Christian writings.”
– Mohr Siebeck blurb

UPDATED – Ekaterini’s Chapter Summaries:

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