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Adam & Eve – Uncovered

Posted by NT Wrong on December 14, 2008

Kal has released his latest animation, Adam & Eve – Uncovered.

His animation asks that old question of Genesis chapters 2-3: if Adam and Eve only had knowledge of good and evil after they ate the fruit, then how could God hold them accountable for eating it before they acquired moral knowledge?

3 Responses to “Adam & Eve – Uncovered”

  1. Polycarp said

    I reckon I am not suppose to laugh, so if anyone asks, I didn’t. Much. Makes me want some strawberry’s, though.

  2. That was hilarious.

  3. Greg G said

    Was your question serious? I’ll assume it was.
    I didn’t bother to watch the video, but here goes…

    The term “knowledge of good and evil” is a merism, a phrase that uses the extremes to describe the whole. For example, “from Maine to California” is a way of referring to the whole of the continental US, or “from Dan to Beersheba” is a way of describing the whole of Israel.

    So “the tree of the knowledge of good and evil” is another way of saying “the tree of all knowledge. This is why the serpent says that when they eat of it, they will become like God, i.e., they will have the full range of knowledge, moral and otherwise. It should not be implied that prior to this they had no moral knowledge. Indeed, the man and woman had limited personal knowledge of good, and no knowledge of evil. Eating the fruit would change that considerably, but at great cost.

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