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Objective Genitive Man – ‘Mild mannered New Testament Lecturer by Day, But…’

Posted by NT Wrong on December 17, 2008

I described Barry Matlock as “Objective Genitive Man” in one of the references to an earlier post.

Dr. Matlock replied:

“‘Objective Genitive Man’–how would that look on a t-shirt? Or maybe a superhero costume! NOW I know what to ask for for Christmas!”

Playing with the moniker a little, I guess it would look something like this…


Merry Christmas, Barry!

7 Responses to “Objective Genitive Man – ‘Mild mannered New Testament Lecturer by Day, But…’”

  1. John Lyons said

    The muscles are certainly impressive!

  2. bryan said

    I have only seen barry in this outfit twice.

  3. Is that a semantic phallusy I see?

  4. Barry Matlock said

    Faster than a speeding non sequitur! Able to leap tall heaps of bull**** in a single bound!…

  5. Peter Head said


  6. NT Wrong? said

    Barry – When’s your book on this topic arriving?

  7. Barry Matlock said

    Thanks for asking, NTW. I have some time off to work on it beginning in February, and plan to have it done in a few months. Assuming you’ve left me anything to say after your 100 reasons–and assuming I don’t expire trying to make it through Doug Campbell’s latest offering.

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