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Biblioblogger of the Year

Posted by NT Wrong on January 1, 2009

biblioblogger1Jim West has kindly picked me as the First Annual Biblioblogger of the Year.

“The criteria are quite simple: the Blogger of the Year is that biblioblogger who, in my humble estimation, causes the most stir in the biblioblogging empire with their wit, insight, and comprehensiveness.”

Thanks, Jim, you’re such a sweetie.

Update: And Scott Bailey, of Scotteriology fame, kindly designed a framed plaque – which is going straight to the Pool Room.

Update again: And look at Antonio’s cup!

3 Responses to “Biblioblogger of the Year”

  1. steph said

    Absolutely. You’re the best. I thought the trophy would be something else though – a bog (lavatory), devil’s bible, penis enlarger or something more along the lines of subject matter… 🙂

  2. Jim said

    i’m actually trying to get one of those photo shop genuises to come up with something appropriate.

  3. NT Wrong said

    I’ve changed the photo to Scott’s photoshopped award.

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