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Economic Crisis and The Coming Insurrection

Posted by NT Wrong on January 5, 2009

“it isn’t the economy that’s in crisis; the economy is the crisis; it’s not that we can’t get any work, it’s that there’s too much of it; all weighed in, it’s not crisis but growth that’s depressing us. We must admit that for us the litany of the stock market rates has just about as much meaning as a Latin mass.”
The Coming Insurrection, by the “Invisible Committee” (2007): 23 (L’insurrection qui vient, Comité invisible).

5 Responses to “Economic Crisis and The Coming Insurrection”

  1. Roland Boer said

    Spot on, NT, I couldn’t agree more.

  2. Geoff Hudson said

    There are too many folk not doing real jobs that the rest of the world has to keep.

  3. Geoff Hudson said

    Like bankers making fake deals arranging insecure loans with other equally corrupt bankers and claiming vast bonuses that destabilise the financial system. Or like literalistic bible believing scholars.

  4. steph said

    Honestly, it is literally true.

  5. Geoff Hudson said

    [comment moved to hobbyhorse comments post]

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