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  1. Naming and classifying! Aristotle is very pleased, and so are the pigeons in their holes. (By that, of course, he can only mean “A member of the family Columbidae,” which also includes the doves; although some of the rest of us intend, by it, things altogether different.)

    J. K. Gayle
    Aristotle’s Feminist Subject


    PS Why not let The Voice of Stefan speak?
    Esteban Vázquez

  2. ntwrong said

    Oh – all you Aristotelians think alike – essentially.

    My guilty conscience was thinking I was being very nineteenth century in all this ordering.

    Esteban, huh? Thank you for telling me. (We’ll see if there’s a place to slot him in.)

  3. Rob Reid said

    Rob G. Reid
    Jesus and Empire: A Postcolonial Perspective

  4. ntwrong said

    Rob – and I read your blog! I’m adding you now.

    BTW, your blog is spelt: http://robgreid.blogspot.com/

  5. Jim said

    good job.

  6. Phil H. said

    Glad I came in with a “liberal”. Thanks for doing the list.

  7. Very Conservative eh? On some issues, but not on others. While I engage with the crucifixion as the central singularity of space-time, I am more than pragmatic on the acceptance of homosexuality where most conservatives are likely to want to conserve ancient and modern cultural bias.

    My ‘personal take’ on the faith is at http://stenagmois.blogspot.com.

    Suzanne McCarthy and her posts on Bookshelf and BBB is similarly more radical than conservative. See http://powerscourt.blogspot.com/

    BTW it’s Mac for me and Mc for Suzanne

    Thanks for the work

  8. agathos said

    This is a very good list. Though I have to admit that it has been so long since someone has called me “conservative” I found it a little shocking.

    Most of the persons at my school view me as being the result of an unholy union between belial and satan…

  9. Brian said

    Thanks for this list. I loaded up my googlereader with these!

  10. Jim said

    that’s funny scott. when i was in seminary (doing the ThM) I was a fellow- which meant i filled in for my prof when he was gone. some of the guys told my wife that she was going to hell because she was married to me.

    those crazy baptists….

  11. It pleases me no end to be classed as “very conservative” along with, for example, Esteban Vázquez , David Ker, Peter Head, Mike Holmes, P. J. Williams, Bob MacDonald, Michael Barber, Brad Pitre, Wayne Leman, Bill Heroman, ElShaddai Edwards, Randall Buth, Dave Beldman, Kevin Edgecomb, Rick Brannan, Peter Enns, Ben Witherington, Michael Bird, and Rich Rhodes.

    What great company! A vast right-wing evangelical, Orthodox, Anglican, and Roman Catholic conspiracy!

    I will also be pleased to point out to friends like Art Boulet, Mike Heiser, Ben Byerly, Calvin Park, Charles Halton. Michael Halcomb, Pete Bekins, Jim Spinti, and Tim Bulkeley that their online persona is not as conservative as mine.

    Out-conservatived by a Waldensian / United Methodist. The shame! The shame!

  12. Nice list. Thanks.

  13. Better Bibles Blog moved to a new address yesterday:


    I find the classification of all the bloggers on BBB as “very conservative” to be interesting. I think it would be better to ask each of us how conservative we are. I doubt that each would consider themself “very conservative.”

    But labels are rather fun, aren’t they?

    Except when they over-simplify, and sometimes damage.

    Many of us are more complicated in our theology or ideology views than to just be placed at a single position on a conservative to liberal continuum. I suspect that we need multiple dimensions, perhaps even an n-dimensioned array where positions are noted for each individual for several important factors, such as view of inspiration, atonement position, role of the Bible in relation to the Church, creationism vs. evolution (with all its various flavors), etc. etc.

  14. Very conservative: Bird, Bock, Hobbins, McKnight, Pitre, Willitts, Witherington, Pitre and Barber! I’m honored to be in such esteemed company.

    Who’d of thunk it? Baptists, Methodists, emerging church folk–and Catholics. “And the times they are a-changing!”

  15. John Barry said

    N.T. Wrong,

    I am decently new to the blogging world, but have created quite a controversy on my fairly scholastic blog “The Infinite in Everything” — http://www.conversantlife.com/johnbarry

    Where do I land on the spectrum? Please let me know if you add me, I am anxious to find out.

    –John Barry

  16. This is very interesting, NT. Especially since it confirms my perception as I surfed that the majority of people who biblio(ish)blog fit closer to the conservative end of the theological spectrum. (I say “biblio(ish)blog” because quite a number of the people you list, including me, do not fit the Jim West definition of bibliobloggers. 🙂

    This is at odds with the perception of many members of my denomination that the majority of theologically trained people in the church, especially academics, are evil liberals who are trying to take the church to hell in a handbasket. I wonder if there really are so few people from the more liberal end of the spectrum, or whether it’s just that they don’t blog?

  17. ntwrong said

    Judy – thanks for your comments. I had some very similar conclusions when I looked at the ‘snapshot’ of biblio(ish)bloggers. I would’ve posted on it already, but I’ve become bogged down with reading conservative blogs to determine if they’re ‘fairly conservative’ or ‘very conservative’. This seems to be a big thing for them. What have I got myself into?

    You’re right – there’s a vast difference between the perception of the average woman in the pew and reality. The field is still well dominated by conservatives.

    A similar perception-reality parallax happens with the media. The media is (obviously) controlled by right-of-centre rich free-marketeers, and editors know they’re in the Business of selling advertisements by squeezing stories around them. The whole set-up is conservative and right-of-centre (politically, this time). And yet, you get this pig-ignorant caricature of a ‘liberal’ media from those who think people who use more than two syllables per word must be left wing. As if.

  18. jonswales said

    Hi can u add me to your list http://www.ordinand.wordpress.com I’m interested to see what catergory I fit into

  19. Try me: I have a feeling I know where I’ll end up. 🙂

    I’m Stephen Douglas, and my blog is Undeception at http://undeception.com.

  20. Mike Heiser said

    An interesting list. As with all such lists, there are incongruities (Mark “there is no Q” Goodacre at NT Gateway = “Liberal” ?; Peter “I love the OT’s paganized cosmology” Enns = Very conservative – too bad Westminster booted him!; Darrel Bock = “fairly” conservative – a pre-trib dispensationalist?). Not even close on these. Then there’s me. I’m not classified correctly according to your definitions (but I realize they have to be brief and simplistic). I’m not going to say where I should be because I enjoy being hard to classify. But here’s a hint that goes to the weakness of the list, and a weakness to all such labeling attempts. People (especially scholars) mistakenly assume that if one uses critical methods one cannot use them to re-articulate traditional (conservative) theological positions – basically because they lack the imagination or experience or creativity to do so.

  21. ntwrong said

    Yeah, Mike – Goodacre and Bock need pulling back in the conservative direction. With Enns, it’s just the case that everybody else at Westminster is ‘Ultra Conservative’.

    And you – I admit I was a little stumped. I don’t think I’m wrong though — although the definition might not quite fit, I don’t know that there’s a better one.

    Congratulations by the way…

  22. ntwrong said

    Stephen – fairly conservative.

  23. Steve said

    Thanks. 🙂

  24. ochesnut said

    don’t know if you consider archaeology a biblioblog, but here is my blog:


  25. bryan said

    oh rate me, rate me, i must know what I am?


  26. what Wayne said (on the damnaging oversimplifications, my punny sp. intended)

    what Judy asked (abt whether all the voices are speaking up or are being heard)

  27. Our site has news in Portuguese about Biblical World and provides answers to questions sent by our visitants. We have also a section with articles about the Bible and the Bible “Almeida” OnLine. Is it possible to include it on your list? Thanks.

  28. ntwrong said

    Luiz – I have seen your site, thank you, but I didn’t think it was a ‘blog’ as such but a News and Question-and-Answer site. But please convince me otherwise.

  29. ntwrong said

    Bryan – start posting again. 😉

  30. J.C Baker said

    Wrong, You are wrong. You obviously have not read much of my blog since you have classified me as very conservative. Anyone who agrees with Marcus Borg and John Spong much of the time is no conservative. I would be fit in your very liberal category.

  31. J.C Baker said

    Sorry, I clearly should have read your blog more carefully before posting my comment. According to your typology, I guess I would be a conservative liberal, though I think that category makes little sense. In your list, I would fit in the liberal category. Thanks for doing the list.

  32. Eric said

    Thanks for the mention. I’m a little curious why you think I’m “very conservative”. I will admit that I am conservative, but I know enough conservatives who are…quite uncomfortable with some of my thinking offline. Maybe I just don’t spill the beans enough online 🙂

  33. danielandtonya said

    NT Wrong,

    Since we’re on this list, I guess you’ve seen the site. Check back for a response to your classifications and top 50 list. Thanks for the inclusion.


  34. danielandtonya said

    You should print up shirts for all the bloggers with their conservative-liberal classification on the front.

  35. ntwrong said

    Eric – In fact, I had already changed you to fairly conservative from my initial categorization. I just hadn’t updated this page. I re-categorized a number of blogs after I arrived at some loose definitions, your included.

  36. I’d be interested in having my blog added to your spectrum, and I wonder what category you’d place me in. http://www.jakebelder.com


  37. Eric said

    Well thanks for taking the time to look at my blog and sending others that way as well. Always appreciated.

  38. J.C. Baker said

    Pleas change my label to liberal. I am not conservative in any sense of the word.

  39. ntwrong said

    JC – no, you’re not. A complete cock-up on my part there. I think you were meant to be ‘conservative liberal’, but I’ve put you in the ‘liberal’ category as requested.

  40. danielandtonya said

    A critique of your criteria for liberal-conservative labeling is posted at hebrewandgreekreader.wordpress.com
    I hope its helpful.

  41. BenjaminL said

    Where does “Early Christianity” (McKnight et al.) fit on the 1-5 scale – looks like a typo…

  42. Ben said

    Thanks for your work. Always interesting to see others’ opinions. However, I would place myself in the ‘fairly conservative’ camp. I work for NT Wright, so hopefully that’s enough evidence.

  43. JC said

    Thanks NT. I wondered how I made it to the very conservative list!

  44. I approve of my label under your classification system. Carry on.

  45. Manuel said

    Gracias NT Wrong… aunque en mi biblioteca tengo a Crossan, Bultmann, Pagels, Ehrman, Marx, Kierkegaard, Nietzche, Habermas, Gadamer, etc. Sin embargo, estoy de acuerdo con lo de “Very conservative”, me agrada la compañía de los que están allí, ;).

  46. Mike Stover said

    Hi NT. Interesting list. I don’t blog but if I did I would esteem the coveted ‘very conservative’ tag. If you devote your life to something you might as well jump in with both feet! Please look out for me if I start blogging in the future.

    p.s. call it a hunch but are you a big Robbo fan – of BBC sport fame?

  47. David Ker said

    Cool. My pastor will be relieved that I haven’t turned completely apostate.

  48. Thanks for the inclusion of my humble blog.
    But something worries me.
    My colleagues call me the “Liberal”…
    My students think I am a Conservative…
    In my opinion, I am a Liberal Conservative.
    Abraços errantes do Brasil, NT Wrong!

  49. I’d love to see how you classify my blog.


    Frank Emanuel

  50. Tom Verenna said

    Thanks for this and for including me. I would say “great work” but I have come to expect nothing less than ‘great’ from you, as it is.

    Warm regards,


  51. Brian said

    I wonder if you can let us know when you have added new blogs to your blog list. Thanks for the list.

  52. danielandtonya said

    Yay, we’re red hot! Why the move from translation and linguistics to general?

  53. ntwrong said

    Brian – I should do posts on additions and deletions. So far I’ve just being trying to make sure I’ve got them all.

    Daniel and Tonya – Um, it just seemed right.

  54. You might consider adding “Alef and Omega: Thoughts on the Bible and Its Languages: Hebrew, Aramaic, Greek” (Sharon Buth Alley, Gary Alley, Brian Schultz, Randall Buth).

  55. ntwrong said

    I’ve seen http://alefandomega.blogspot.com/, but it seems to be dead or having a near death experience.

  56. Roger Mugs said

    get me in on this list… theologer.com

  57. OK, I’ll bite……


    Let’s see where we fall.

  58. NT Wrong? said

    Hoyt – it’s probably a homiletic/pastoral blog rather than a biblioblog. But ‘fairly conservative’.

  59. chioulaoshi said

    Wow, you read Chinese? I’m impressed.

    http://chioulaoshi.blogspot.com/ (Traditional Chinese)
    http://chioulaoshi.wordpress.com/ (Simplified Chinese)

  60. Thanks for putting me on this list.

    I dropped off the top 50 this month. I’ll work on it, but with the other fine additions I don’t know how I will fare.

  61. I have started a new biblioblog on Hebrews if you would like to put it on your list.

  62. NT Wrong said

    Thanks, Brian.

  63. Quixie said

    I am not a professional academic in this field, but my posts are mostly refutations of bad apologetics and faulty (i.e. ‘wishful’) exegesis and my own ruminations on Christian origins.
    Though, I realize that I could never hope to rate in the top positions of your listing, it would nevertheless be cool to be included, if only as a counter-weight to the decidedly conservative bent of the list.



    Leo Quix

  64. NT Wrong said

    Quixie – I was thinking the same thing. You do seem to have a substantial number of posts on biblical studies. Academic positions aren’t required for a listing, only a scholarly approach to biblical studies. Although, saying that, there are a fair few on the list that have academic positions, but not a scholarly approach…

  65. Geoff Hudson said

    [comment moved to hobbyhorse comments post]

  66. Geoff Hudson said

    [comment moved to hobbyhorse comments post]

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